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A Guide to Buying & Owning a Static Caravan

This section of our website is dedicated to helping you fully understand the processes involved when buying a static caravan. We also have included some information on how to get the most from the holiday home ownership experience once you have bought a static caravan, with advice on things such as maintenance to subletting. Please read through the guides below for information on the different aspects of holiday home ownership.

The Reasons for Buying a Holiday Home

Making the decision to become an owner of your very own Holiday Home is likely to be amongst one of the biggest purchasing decisions you ever make. It is vital that you have a good understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a static caravan before you sign on the dotted line.

Choosing the Ideal Location

From travelling times to the attractions situated in the surrounding area there are lots of things to take in to consideration when deciding on whereabouts you want to locate your holiday home. By thinking about how you intend to use the holiday home you can narrow down the choice of locations to just a few that will suit your requirements.

Finding a Holiday Park to Suit You

Once you have found an area that offers everything you want from a holiday destination it's then time to start finding a holiday park. There is a vast range of site locations, from private land adjoining a farm to a mega-site with all singing all dancing facilities and everything in between. It's important to note that each holiday park has their own rules and regulations that must be taken in to consideration when comparing the different options available to you.

Running Costs

The running costs of owning a static caravan can be quite high, especially on larger holiday parks offering lots of facilities, where site fees are often thousands of pounds per year. If you intend to use the caravan at every available opportunity this isn't too bad but it can work out quite expensive if you only visit a few times per year.

Which Holiday Home Should You Choose

Once you've made a choice between buying brand new or buying a used holiday home you then need to decide on overall size, layout, number of bedrooms, and much more. For example, while having 3 bedrooms is convenient for large families it isn't the best use of space for a couple who are going to use it exclusively for themselves. In this circumstance 2 bedrooms or even 1 bedroom and a larger living space would be a much better use of the space.

Find the right location on the park

Once you have chosen your ideal holiday home, they you may need to consider where on the park you would like to have your holiday home sited. While some like the sun all day and like to be close to the facilities some prefer a little shade and prefer peace and quiet. Also consider the outlook from your windows and doors to you can visualise the outlook.


To help pay the running costs you may consider subletting the caravan to earn an extra income and help pay site fees, etc. Before allowing someone else to stay in your holiday home you first need to check it is actually allowed at your preferred holiday park. If it is then the next step is to think about the implications of allowing people to stay in your holiday home and consider the pros and cons that come with subletting out your caravan.

Selling Your Static Caravan

While selling your holiday home might not be something that has even crossed your mind yet it is actually quite an important thing to consider before buying a static caravan. For example, knowing the holiday park rules regarding private sales is something you should definitely be clear on before signing a contract with any holiday park as all sites have different rules regarding sales. This can have a big impact on how you sell your caravan and how much you can sell it for.